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T Raw Jewelry Tine-Haaland Paulsen

raw and simple

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Interior architect and furniture designer Mnil. Moved back to Oslo from living in Stockholm with my family. Design and make silver jewellery, and constantly working on improving my work and techniques in order to make the perfect piece. I am inspired by everything from street-fashion, 80’s punk, nature and the people around me. The jewellery can be worn with your jeans and t-shirt as well as for the perfect party outfit. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and have the sence of wearing something personal and unique.


Besøksadresse Husebybakken 30 B, 0379 Oslo
Postadresse Husebybakken 30 B, 0379 Oslo
(+47) 911 11 052
(+47) 911 11 052

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